2018 Oct 13 - Nov 3

Life inside a pixel

KochxBos Gallery is proud to open the exhibition 'Life inside a pixel' with new works by Dadara

‘Life inside a pixel’ has its origins in Dadara’s Solipmission Installation at Burning Man, where he was locked up 24/7 inside a big black box under the hot desert sun. It was probably Dadara’s most intense experience ever: a Solipmission Impossible.

After returning to Amsterdam Reality Dadara crashed, closed the curtains, and did not open them for an entire week and started to paint... boxes.
Small ones. Big ones. Sometimes filled with colorful, surreal lifeforms. Sometimes filled with people, often naked and vulnerable. Grey totalitarian box worlds with no escape.

The sparkling, geometrical works that are the result of his process of returning to everyday reality give an insight into life within a pixel. And each and every one of them shows that Dadara's vision can’t be limited by reality.


October 20 > 13.00 - 17.00 ‘Reality Hangover’ brunch in the gallery during ADE - Amsterdam Dance Event

October 19 - 21 VR experience of the Solipmission in Hotel Arena as part of the ADE Art program
Solipmission was a collaborative art and VR project for Burning Man by Dadara & WeMakeVR


Artbook Dadara ‘Open your mind - So we can use your data’

Silkscreen Dadara ‘WTF' limited and signed

Dadara's artistic development is a fascinating journey, originating in Amsterdam's house culture in the late 1980's. Flyers, record covers, and crying baby speakers marked the start of an impressive career as a designer, cartoonist, and painter. After the turn of the century, extravagant installations and performances in public spaces became Dadara’s focus.

Opening pictures